After her ex-husband ditched her for another beautiful girl 1 year ago, she’s been living with her 2 years old son lonely.

Before married with that unfaithful man, she did have some boys hankering for her.

Although with no beauty, her mental capacity and gentle temperament made her remarkable.


She had dropped the idea of finding a new partner after saw too much story of split up.

Neither has a lust to immerse in a new relationship.


Now as the sole breadwinner in her little family, painstaking work and caring baby absorbed most of her private time.


She could only get back to free time after her little lad goes to sleep at nightfall.

She has a carton of love toys under her bed, but forgo using them after the private part got infected by a vibe months ago, she still puzzled till now, she washed after playing.


Drew the drawer of her night table, there’s a new sterilizer bag lying there which her bosom friend gave her one week ago.

Her gal pal has been raving about the portable UV disinfection bag. She’s about to test this foldable sanitizer bag tonight.


Big enough, she put 6 toys in the sterilizer, seeing through the mini window glimmering purple,  the toys seemed to be lost in bathing in the UV light.

The light turned off after 3 minutes, her fingers felt lukewarm of the toys.

Quietly and softly she let her vibe slip in her body, felt like a new one she used for the first time, her heart suddenly lightened up!…

Since then, the USB rechargeable bag is always lying on her bedstand, and works every night after her pleasure.

She’s really worry-free about infection with this useful UV disinfection bag!