How and Why Ideal Roller is talented?


  1. Big Massage in a Mini Ball
  2. 18000rpm double heads Motor


*Cute but Powerful

*Size of a baseball

*For ones like deep tissue massage

*Pain reliever and tension relief

*It really hits hard like a jack hammer

*Chronic pain relief

*Suitable for Yoga, Rehab exercises, stablity exercise, etc.

*Great for travel – fits front pouch of backpack easily


Where to use:

  1. Ideal for using pre- or post- workout, both on the go.
  2. Easy tired, sore, and aching muscles after long days at work.
  3. Therapy ball: the small size and easy to grip silicone matt surface, allow you to place the ball directly where it hurts



  1. There are 4 vibrations

1-3 separate levels of vibration, and each one is harder than the next

4th one circles from 1-3.

  1. USB rechargeable, one hour charge can work for 60 minutes
  2. IPX5 waterproof


How to use:

Workout: Put it on the ground, and roll it around where you need it to hit.

Handheld the ball on the place it hurts.

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