Happy New Year!

Believe most people would write down resolutions when the new year is at the corner.
But like me, some resolutions just drop in the first or second month after the new year, like losing 10 pounds in one month, instead, not only not losing 10 pounds, but gaining 6 pounds after a collection of gourmet dishes during the new year holiday!

But some resolutions we definitely make come true every year!
e.g. Reply emails from 24 hours to an average of 2.4 hours;
PeachBud become the customers’ good vendor from the plain vendor, and the best vendor from a good one, not only because of our beautiful logo but how we rolled up our sleeves…
All in all, we are always there when you need us, whatever weekends, or important festivals…
so, please just hit us up!

Wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2022!