Sex toy packaging

Dildo suppliers might produce awesome sex toys for you, but do they have the capability to provide awesome sex toy packaging as well?


As you know, beautiful packaging is the first impression to catch a consumer’s eye.

An eye-catching gift box would be the reason to let the consumer whip out their credit cards and buy the toy, while plain packaging just like plain Jane leaves no impression at all.



  1. Material type

    • Plastic bag

    • Bubble bag

    • Foil bag

    • Shrinkwrap

    • Blister tray

    • Clamshell

  1. Paper type

2.1 400gsm coated 1-side art paper

2.2 Kraft paper

2.3 Corrugated paper

2.4 Rigid box paper

  1. Box type

    • Color box

    • Window gift box

    • Luxury box


  1. Printing processing

    • Matt

    • Shiny

    • Spot UV



  1. Material type

1.1 Plastic bag

Bag: PE bag, PP bag

male erotica

sex tools

When it comes to choosing plastic bags, two options are often considered: polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) plastic. Although polyethylene and polypropylene bags are both plastics, they aren’t typically used for the same purpose as sex products.


PE bag is non-toxic, tasteless, feels like wax, and has good resistance to low temperature and electrical insulation.

PP plastic bag is very transparent and smooth to touch, but it is very hard, loud, and brittle.


1.2 Bubble bag:

sex toy packaging

sex toy packaging

To protect toys that are easy to break, like glass dildos.

There are countless small bubbles in or out of the bubble bag, so the bag is light, elastic, with sound insulation, shockproof, anti-scratch function,


1.3 Foil bag:

Is an opaque bag made from aluminum foil composites, like condoms bag.

One side is clear and on the other side silver opaque is commonly used in bullet vibe packing.


1.4 Shrinkwrap:

egg masturbator

egg clicker

Also called shrink film, is a material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering.

e.g. egg masturbator


1.5 Blister tray:

torso doll

silicone prostate massager

Pre-formed plastic packaging used for adult sex toys.

Could come in white, clear, and black. Clear is the most commonly used color.


1.6 Clamshell

egg masturbator

egg clicker

Clamshells look a bit like their namesake as they are made from two identical plastic “shells” that fit around the product and hinge on one side to allow the structure to come together to close.


  1. Paper type:

2.1 400gsm coated 1-side art paper:

normally used for the color box.

2.2 Kraft paper

brown color

it’s the most used material in packaging, strong, durable, and reliable material.

erotic sex toys box paper

adult sex products packing

2.3 Corrugated:

sex toy packing

adult toy packing

It has two main components: the liner and the medium. Both are made of a special kind of heavy paper called containerboard. Linerboard is the flat material, typically on the outer surfaces of the board but also on the inside for some structures, that adheres to the medium. Medium is the paper that is formed into arches or flutes on the single facer and glued between the linerboard facings.


2.4 Rigid box paper:

stroker sex toy box

male adult toys

Made of a sturdy paper-based box consisting of high-thickness (often 2-3mm) chipboard and overlaid with printed or embellished paper.

A rigid box offers an excellent mix of product protection and a luxury look.


  1. Box type:

3.1 Color box:

Normally a 400gsm coated 1-side art paper with artwork printed on the outside, and white on the inside.


3.2 Window Gift box:

glass sex toy gift box

glass dildo packaging

Window gift boxes are simply just that, a box with a clear top, so you can see all the good stuff inside them.


3.3 Luxury box with EVA foam tray:

Custom made packaging of private label

anal stroker

all in stroker


  1. Printing Processing:


4.1 Matt surface:

dull and flat surface rather than a shiny surface and no reflecting light.  The surface reflects light diffusely.

butt plug set

dildo set

4.2 Shiny:

smooth look, like a mirror with light on.

best rabbit vibe

bunny vibrator

4.3 Spot UV:

a short name for Ultra-Violet Ray, is the final finish in the printing process.

stroker toy


This means that all ink layers are laid down, any paper lamination is added, and the drying process is completed first. The Spot UV is then printed on top of the paper, as a clear gloss, and then dried for the finished result.


Hope this know-how article about sex toy packaging would be helpful for your design of pleasure sex toys.

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