Booked a 5-star hotel for a customer, quiet although it’s located in downtown.
Luxurious decoration of lobby, matching facilities in the room all satisfy the customer.

He said he’d wanna drink a cup of hot coffee when he awakens in the morning at 6 am.
It’s a piece of cake in my mind.

But the girl at reception said the restaurant hasn’t opened then.
I wanna them get paid for delivering to customer’s room at the opening of 7 am. She refused again with the reason the restaurant doesn’t have this service.

We spotted a Starbucks at the opposite of the hotel, they might buy there and deliver, and charge me back. But they refused again, this time the excuse was they don’t have enough staff to do!

Many people may think this is not a big deal.
Actually, they could buy a bag of instant coffee and pouring hot water which just cost around $1.00, and charges me back $10.00.
It’s not because there’s a 90% profit in, but the small act will let customer beam with satisfaction!

Back to our daily work:
Will your vendor courier you CO or Form A first things first you need, or they’d say they don’t have this document service?
Will your vendor email you Excel and PDF file within half an hour when you need the quotation urgently, or their file still not arrived till after your quote time is overdue?
Will your vendor get all ready before you come which you booked one month earlier for factory meeting, or they said they slipped their mind after you arrived at their factory?

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