As a sourcing manager for 5 years in this industry, Linda thought the new project about finding a silicone cock ring should be a cinch.

But the real experience of last Friday really drove her mad.



After adding the wechat of a vendor.


Vendor: Hello, what type of penis ring do you customize?

male penis ring

mens penis ring

  •  Like this photo: silicone penis ring

We don’t have the same style, what’s the material of your photo?

  • If you made it before, you should know it.

We have many styles,

silicone ring

penis ring

Not sure what’s the size you need.

  • This rechargeable cock ring is 5.9’’?

    cock ring

    electric male sex toy

This is 105mm.

  • 5.9’’?



Let me check.

  • Cause this is a trial order, only 500pcs with printed logo, better to be with your available items.

Let me see

All of our packings is customized

  • 500pcs could be bespoke?

MOQ 1000pcs

  • 9’’, if possible, what’s the area to print the logo?
  • How much for 10Kpcs?
  • Packing is a white box?

We have too many samples, I’m looking for that item.

Yes, white box.

Other packing is also okay.

  • Only white box

Will generate more packing costs.

  • How much for the 5 inch cock ring?




  • How much is it

Quantity 500pcs?

  • Firstly quote 500pcs, logo printed on the dick ring





How much is your size?

  • Doesn’t matter, just quote yours.

(Already drove her mad.)


Okay, I have many samples in the showroom, I’d ask the factory chief.

  • Needn’t exact same, similar would be fine.




  • Could you quote before 12:00am?

Yes, wait.

  • Hurry up.




  • Miss, is your quote of cock vibrator ready?

Wait, the overman is confirming.



  • Ready?

Factory chief said we don’t produce the cock toys anymore.


Half a day was wasted on this supplier.

But this is not the first time she experienced it, and she’s sure it’s not the last time either…