Dragon boat festival in China


Dragon boat festival is not only about boat races, but delicious food as well.


What do Chinese guys eat at Double Fifth Festival (also called Dragon Boat Festival)?

Two must-have food are:

  1. Rice dumpling,
  2. Salted duck egg

Rice dumpling named ZongZi in Chinese, it’s a pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.

Filling was only glutinous rice in early age, nowadays the fillings are with motley collection.

Like bacon, preserved ham, date, green beans, red beans, salted eggs, etc.

Love the smell of reed leaves, sweet or salt fillings, a pot of cooked ZongZi always make children dribble!


Why do people have salted duck eggs as staple ration?

Because Dragon Boat Festival, lunar May 5th, also named vicious month, means changes in natural rhythms, arrival of hot summer, plants and animals would be in boosting level, plus the humidity of climate, germs and insects are active, easily trigger ailment.

Salted eggs are salty and chilly, best staple ration to kill the ailment and keep in good health.


Apart from Rice dumpling and Salted egg, 5 Yellow dishes and 12 Red dishes are also traditional gourmet in different areas of China.


Wish everyone good health at Dragon Boat Festival!