There were a few fruit trees in the backyard when she was a little girl.

Cherry was her favorite.

From spring on, she’d walk there after school, seeing the trees sprout, blossoming, the titchy fruit came out after the flowers fell.

Seeing them grow up day by day, changing from green to yellow, then to allure ultra red cherry….

How did the color change?

How did they grow up without food?

Her little brain was teeming and seething with questions.

The red cherries are so coveted!

The tart and sweet flavor enriched her childhood, adolescence…


She worked in a far city from her hometown after she graduated abroad. It’s a fat chance to savor the cherry at her mum’s backyard.


When she’s reading at home on Saturday, the bell rang loudly. It gave her a jump out of her seat.

A parcel was lying at the doorstep, and the messenger was gone.


A crate of crimson cherries popped out before her eyes, and an aqua may cherry bullet was sitting in the middle. The latter is one of her best-loved silicone bullet vibrators.

“Wow, amazing!” she whispered.


This weekend her heart swelled with happiness of red cherries and amazing feeling the aqua anal bullet cherry brought…