How are glass wands are born?

Have a look at what workers are working on


When you clutch a #glasswand and enjoy orgasm, did you ever wonder how it’s born, and how many processes in worker’s hand? Now grab a seat and get the know-how.


  1. Select material of Pyrex

1.1 Select the one without bubble, roundish and smooth appearance;

1.2 Cut the quality glass sticks to the size needed for production;

1.3 Immerse them in the special liquid in order to remove impurity.


  1. Hand-blown

2.1 Take the quality glass sticks on the production line;

2.2 Use natural gas as fuel, and oxygen to help burn, working temperature is 1000℃ above;

2.3 Hand blow the glass stick according to size until it becomes the condition you could change the shape easily.


  1. Shape it in tooling

3.1 Put in the mold for shaping.

3.2 Cut both ends, then hand blows the shape again.


  1. Anneal in the oven

4.1 Check the quality of toys;

4.2 Anneal in the mid-temperature, anneal time depends on glass toy shape and size, no less than 3 hours in the oven.

4.3 Take them out for cooling down naturally.


  1. Packing

4.1 Quality check is a must before packing;

4.2 In velvet bag and gift box;

4.3 Done!


Now you are knowledgeable about glass toys.

Please keep in mind, behind the scene of every pretty Glass wand is worker’s rolling up their sleeves with diligent sweat…


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