Be wet and wild!

Cliwafer – Enjoy water orgasm!

Why should sex be restricted to your bedroom? Be wild and spontaneous – it is time for some naughty bathroom fun that sends your senses into a tizzy! Manufactured in Germany, Clitwafer is just what you need to satiate your sexual appetite while relaxing in the shower.


  • Portable and lightweight – take it along when you travel as it easily fits into your luggage. No longer do you have to be desperate for release on a work related tour!
  • No batteries required – you don’t have to worry about your favorite toy running out of charge.
  • Totally safe to use under water – Clitwafer can be used in the bathtub as well.
  • Put its counterparts to shame – the patented design is completely different from its predecessors and will create a new trend in the sex toys market.
  • Helps you orgasm and satisfy your sexual urges – try it while showering with your partner, or do it when you are lonely and missing him, either way a gratifying experience is guaranteed every time.
  • Top quality material is used to make Clitwafer – it won’t warp or bend even after repeated usage.


Grab Clitwafer without further delay

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