Mary has just started a new job as an adult toy buyer in a dildo company, the interviewer told her their company is the best sex toy company in the sex toy industry of that country.

She accepted the job with alacrity.

Although she’s already been in buying position for nine years, the first three days’ mountain-like work still nearly drove her mad! 

Thousands of adult novelties to learn, various adult pleasure toys before her but she doesn’t know how to call them. Especially the material, she couldn’t tell most products’ materials. As their adult novelty vendor, she asked us to help. Then we wrote this article for her, if you are also new in love toys, hope this would help you, too.

The most commonly used sex toy materials

  • ABS Plastic
  • Silicone (solid silicone & liquid silicone)
  • TPR / TPE
  • PVC
  • Glass (pyrex)

* What is ABS material?

ABS is a newly created material, one of the most produced materials in China. It’s widely used and has excellent properties, being a thermoplastic polymer material with high strength, good toughness, easy forming, and processing.


  1. Hard and rigid, durable with strong impact resistance, scratch resistance, and size stability.
  2. Good light transmission. Normally comes in beige, black and clear color.
  3. Environmentally friendly, PHT-free, nontoxic,  smellless, and body-safe.
  4. Working temperature from -40~93 Celsius degrees.

Which products is it used?

Best Bullet vibrator, Pocket Rocket, Massager….

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vibrating didlo

How to clean ABS sex toys:

Easy to clean with warm water, needn’t avoid any particular cleaning agents, however, please do NOT boil ABS plastic sex toys in heat water. They are thermoplastics and will denature in temperature 93~118 Celsius degrees.

Caveat: Guard the battery case or charge port when you rinse it. Do NOT rinse non waterproof vibrator.

What is Silicone material?

A special synthetic rubber, the main component is silicon dioxide. Widely used in the medical industry.


Solid silicone: molded in a solid block of raw silicone material, low transparency

Liquid silicone: not formed, high transparency, super environmental protection, food grade and medical grade. Soft and elastic


* High-temperature resistance and electric insulation.

* Costly, couldn’t recycle for production.

* PHT-free, nontoxic,  smellless, and body-safe.

* Realistic feeling

What kind of toys is it used?

Solid silicone: Vibrator sleeve, butt plug

Cock ring, Male vibrator, Anal plug….

Liquid silicone: Cock ring, luxury dildo, masturbator, sex doll

Silicone bra, silicone mask

Cock toys, Luxury dildo….

How to clean silicone sex toys:

Non-electric silicone toys: boil in the heated water for ~5 minutes.

The follow step 2-3 of Electric silicone toys as below.

Electric silicone toys:

1.Wet it with lukewarm water, apply two drops of shower gel and scrub the toy with hands or washcloth for a minute.

2.Rinse with warm water completely.

3.Pat it dry with a clean towel and store it in a clean box or pouch in a cool place.


*Don’t submerge the non-waterproof vibrator in water.

*Keep it out of the reach of children.

Clean ben wa balls
Clean ben wa balls

* What is TPE/ TPR?

Thermo-Plastic Elastomer

Thermo-Plastic Rubber

One of the commonly used dildo material


* High elasticity, strength and resilience

* Recycle

* Soft touch, excellent coloring, weather and temperature resistance

* Environmental protection, PHT-free, nontoxic,  smellless, and body-safe.

Mostly produced toys using TPE/TPR

Dildo, cock ring, masturbator, penis sleeve

Fake dildo: 10-15° TPE

Fake Dildo, penis sleeve

Normally used to produce fake dildo, or solid toys.

Hollow toys are produced with 0- 5A° clear TPE material with an injection machine.

Cock ring:  0-10 ° TPE material

Cock ring

Commonly used in toys like cock ring, require high transparency and tensile strength.

Fleshight masturbator: below 0° TPE material

Fleshlight made by TPE material

How to clean fleshlight and other TPE sex toys :

Wash with shower gel and lukewarm water.

Rinse and natural dry.

Smooth the surface with non-talk alternative renew refreshing powder.

Store them in a box or blister tray in a cool place.

Attention: Don’t scrub or sun tan the masturbators.

Difference between Silicone and TPE/TPR material

Stretch test:

Pull clear silicone and clear TPE masturbator

After pulling, the one changed to white is silicone material and keeps clear is TPE.

2. Burn test

Pick silicone and clear toy sample

After burning, yellow or blue flame with black smoke is TPE or TPR;

White flame with a light smell and remains became white ash is Silicone.

* What is soft PVC?

Full name is polyvinyl chloride

PVC can be produced to very soft by adding a large amount of plasticizer.

You may often got questions like what are dildos made of? Actually PVC is the best dildo material of low-cost style body safe dildo.


* Low cost

* Bright color matching

* Form quickly in injection machine

Where does it used for?

PVC Dildo, PVC Butt plug

PVC Double dong

How to clean PVC Dildo?

  1. Rinse the dildo with warm water
  2. Wipe the surface of the toy with a damp paper towel or wash cloth to remove any surface debris
  3. Apply lotion directly to the dildo and scrub to clean
  4. Dry with damp cloth and store in a box or blister tray in a cool place.
Clean a PVC Dildo


What is Pyrex? Borosilicate glass

Want to experience temperature play? Glass toys are here to help!


* Non-porous

* Rigid

* Waterproof

* Resist high temperature (+200 Celsius degrees) and low temperature (-50 Celsius degrees)

So feel free to warm the toy up in hot water or cool down in fridge.

* Look stunning and sculptural

What toys can pyrex made for?

Pyrex dildo comes in hundreds of styles, like dildo, anal toys, ben wa balls, passion fruit sex toys, etc.

How to clean a glass dildo?

Boil your glass toy in boiling water for 6 minutes to disinfect it.

Pick it out and cool it down, use mild soap and warm water to rub and wash it, then rinse to clean.

Store in a pouch and keep your glass toy in a cool place.

Rinse glass dildo

This article just covers 5 mostly used material, would you wanna get other materials, feel free to drop us an email

Now have a look of the toys you are using and see if you could tell the material.